The Basics of Marketing That All Online and Offline Businesses and Companies Need to Make Use Of To Get Their Products and Services Out There

Marketing is one of the most important things that a business has to do. Any company or business that wants to be successful need to advertise and market their products or services. Online marketing has become very important for businesses to survive in the new world. We have decided to compile a list of the most important aspects of marketing whether it happens online or offline.

1. Marketing is an ongoing process. Marketing is not something you can do once and then just leave it. It is a process that needs constant attention, updates, improvements, and new ideas.

2. Find your target audience – Decide who your target audience will be. What market do you want to target and you will you be marketing and selling to?

3. Marketing, advertising, and promotion. These are not the same things. Advertising and promotion are two aspects of marketing. Marketing is the bigger concept of smaller actions you take to make your business or product known and get sales.

4. Do your product conception – To start a marketing strategy you need to have product conception. Do research on what the public needs and wants and then develop a product or service that will meet these needs and wants.

5. Decide on pricing – Once you have your product, you go to pricing. Your prices must be competitive but still ensure a profit. Pricing also involves strategies that offer coupons, prizes, discounts, etc.

6. Develop your distribution strategy – Part of marketing is deciding what your distribution channels will be. This means you need to decide how your products will be made available and accessible to your clients. Will it be online shopping that requires shipping or downloads? Will it be a store in a mall?

Your marketing should be targeted, clear, and attention-grabbing. This will attract your clients and get you sales.

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