Guest Post

At eZines we like progress, improvement, and new things. The world, online and offline, keep changing at a rapid speed. We like to have that here on this blog as well. We welcome new people and ideas. We love getting new writers in that have unique knowledge and opinions. We know a lot, but we don’t know everything yet. This is why we have guest writers.

We invite anyone with knowledge, experience, or opinions about topics related to our niche, to write for us. We have some requirements, obviously, but if you feel that you have something to share, please contact us. Send us an email with your name and contact information. Give us a reason why you want to write and what you want to write about. Send us a sample post on a related topic so we can evaluate your writing skills and approach.

Any topics related to the online world are welcome. We especially like reading about new things that we might not know about yet. If you are working in a specific niche-related field and have great insights or developments to share, we definitely want to hear from you. Writing for us starts out as a guest spot. If your posts do well and we like what you are writing, the position could become more permanent and we might want to add you to our team full-time.