Basic Tips for Using the Internet for Beginners and Help Them Navigate the Web Without Getting Lost and Confused

For our Internet beginners, we decided to make a list if tips for using it. The Internet is a big place – unfathomably big. It is easy to get lost or not get where you want to go. It can be a very confusing thing if you don’t know where to start or how to make it work for you. Follow our advice and you will get through it just fine.

Search engines. Using search engines is your best bet to find what you’re looking for on the Internet. There are many different ones, but the best-known ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Simply type keywords of what you are searching for in the search box and click search’. In seconds, you will have many different results to choose from.

Shortcuts. Internet browsers all use certain shortcuts. These shortcuts make it easier to navigate your browser. Search for browser shortcuts or go to your settings menu to find what the shortcuts are.

Bookmarks. When you find a page that you like or want to return to at a later stage, bookmark it. To bookmark a page or site, search for the star symbol or the tab that says ‘favorites’. They are usually on the right-hand side at the top of your browser. You can choose whether your bookmark goes into a list or onto your bookmarks row.

Plugins. Plugins are software that helps you do certain things on your computer or the Internet. For example, to watch a video, you will need a plugin. To download music, you will need a plugin. Plugins help make the functions and applications on your computer work better.

Tabs. Instead of opening up a new browser window for every site you visit, rather use tabbed browsing. Simply right click on the site or search result you want to open and choose the action ‘open in new tab’. You will have all the pages in one browser window.

Soon you will be a pro at navigating the Internet and possibly teach us a few things.

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