About Us

eZines is a blog about marketing, communication, and Internet related things. The world is becoming smaller and smaller with all the new developments in technology and connectivity. In seconds, you can have a conversation with someone on the other side of the world. You can be online 24/7 without missing a beat. A business without online marketing is a business that no-one knows about. The world has become virtual. The world is happening online.

Because of everything becoming so dependent on the online world, we want to make sure that our readers stay on top of developments. We also want them to have a place where they can voice their opinions and have healthy debates without worrying about judgment or violence.

eZines was started by my brother and me when we saw that our family and friends were clueless about technology. They didn’t know about half the things that are happening and that they could benefit from. Our first posts were on the basic things that everyone should know. Things like the Internet, how to use it, how to surf the web for information, and so on.

As our following and community grew, we upped our topics and interests to a bit more advanced aspects of the online world. We have something for everyone. We also like to hear from our readers about things that they would like to know more about. We then research and find the answers and write a post about it so everyone can have the answers.

Welcome to eZines. We hope you learn a lot here.